Founded in London in 2018, Tia Dorraine is universally recognised for its impeccably tailored outfits with their signature structured silhouettes, superb fit and uncompromising quality.

We create carefully crafted elegant and timeless designs with an avant-garde twist, and with modern women in mind. Exciting and modern. Fitting in your capsule wardrobe. Made to be worn.

Minimum effort, maximum effect.

Profile image of Tia, fonder and creative director of fashion label Tia Dorraine -Tia dressed in all black

The Designer

Teodora Mancheva (Tia), founder and creative director of the brand, set out on a journey to ensure you have the freedom to express your personal beauty and style with truly refined designs, infused with class and sophistication without compromising on quality or comfort.

Brought up in the family of a seamstress, Tia was fascinated by fashion and design from a young age and began forging her own style. The garments she envisioned - elegant and versatile, timeless, yet modern, were not readily available, affordable or easy to find. 

This inspired her to start working with her mother and ultimately brought to you Tia's versatile pieces of outstanding quality and superior figure-framing fit that leaves a lasting impression.


We know conventional design and sizing do not fit all and most certainly do not flatter all shapes. Every garment's creation process begins with the idea that women are diverse and all beautiful, and we want to help them enhance their strengths and give them room to be creative.

We make sure each design is timeless, elegant and versatile. Our outfits are crafted to be figure-framing and to emphasize the female silhouette. For this purpose, we carefully select the most suitable high-quality fabrics for each garment after thorough consideration of key factors such as the fabrics' touch, feel, drape, stretch, etc.


It is our commitment to ensure that our customers feel empowered and confident whilst wearing our garments. We want every piece to fit them like a glove so we test all our designs until the perfect fit is achieved.


We bring the designs to life with immaculate tailoring and rigorous attention to detail. Every stitch is placed with the intent and desire to deliver an impeccable piece of clothing to you.

For us, every customer is special and important. Finally seeing you wear our clothing is what drives our motivation. Bringing you smiles and happiness is our mission.

Image of Tia Dorraine celebrating the launch of her fashion brand in 2018

“I created this brand for women like me who struggle to find the perfect outfits which align with their personal style and standards. I want women to be free to let their imaginations run wild and create outfits that express their uniqueness without having to settle for lower quality, endure imperfect fit, or spend a fortune."


We believe that the true sustainability of a piece of clothing is ultimately determined by its wearability and durability – two things that we meticulously implement when constructing our garments.

We do everything within our power to provide you with our impeccable quality designs in the most sustainable way and adhere to best practices in our entire operation - sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, fulfilment, etc.  To find out more, contact us at