TIA DORRAINE is a luxury ready-to-wear brand focusing on high quality outfits successfully mixing timeless sophistication with modern edge.

Profile image of Tia, fonder and creative director of fashion label Tia Dorraine -Tia dressed in all black

The Designer

For many years, I dreamt of finding a fashion brand that offered everything I thought a brand should offer – luxury outfits of superior quality that are unique, fit me perfectly and flatter my body, and which I can wear over and over again. Statement pieces that would make me confident and empower me to be my best without costing me a fortune.


That’s why I created TIA DORRAINE. A brand that is devoted to making timeless yet modern pieces from the finest fabrics, applying couture-inspired design techniques and making sure every piece is exactly what you wished it to be. A brand that is different. A brand that celebrates women and listens to their needs. A brand that gives you everything you’ve been looking for. Because YOU deserve it!

Lots of Love,

Tia xx



Every garment's creation begins with finding out what women need in their capsule wardrobe, what will make them feel empowered and how these garments will best compliment their figure.


In house, we pride ourselves on bringing the designs to life with immaculate tailoring and rigorous attention to detail - from fabric's touch and feel to drape and stretch. Every stitch is placed with the intent and desire to deliver an impeccable piece of clothing to you.

We do our best to cultivate craftsmanship as a vital part of what we do, creating a contemporary vision of investment pieces that you will cherish for many years to come. 



We believe that the true sustainability of a piece of clothing is ultimately determined by its wearability and durability – two things that we meticulously implement when constructing our garments.