Tia Dorraine stands for timeless sophistication infused with modern edge.

Skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail are at the core of Tia Dorraine. We create luxury, demi-couture pieces from carefully curated fabrics, refined with rich detailing and sophisticated cuts.

Effortless, timeless, investment pieces to treasure.

My commitment is to create timeless, sophisticated designs, guided by versatility and true craftsmanship that remind us of the power and significance of authentic dressmaking.’ - Teodora Mancheva (Tia), founder & creative director of Tia Dorraine


Tia Dorraine celebrates women and aims at making them feel confident. Introducing a contemporary approach to design and styling, our distinctive signature style results in refined, impeccably crafted garments that you will wear, and cherish, forever.

‘As a woman designing for women, I have been inspired by the gaps in my own closet to create garments that I will love and wear day-to-night, season-to-season. Working with my mom and my dedicated team to lovingly create each garment from scratch and making my clients feel unique and powerful are the inherent reasons why I love what I do.’ - Tia


Sustainability was built into Tia Dorraine’s DNA from day one.

We pride ourselves in producing all pieces in-house, in limited quantities, and never overproducing.

Our dedicated artisans craft your garments in our atelier, from carefully sourced fabrics, using traditional techniques and rigorous attention to detail.

Every stitch is placed with the intent and desire to deliver an impeccable piece of clothing to you. From start to finish, we strive to bring you a smile and a garment that you will cherish forever.

‘As a daughter of a seamstress, I learned the meaning of craftsmanship first-hand and my upmost respect for artisans was deeply rooted into my heart. These values drove the creation of a safe and ethical working environment that celebrates the beauty of each garment and the masterful skill behind producing it.’ – Tia