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About us

Founded in London in 2018, Tia Dorraine is recognised for its impeccably tailored outfits with their signature feminine silhouettes.

Teodora Mancheva (Tia), founder and creative director of the brand, strongly believes in figure-framing fit that leaves a lasting impression and could be styled differently every time it is worn. Tia applies this philosophy when conceiving our collections, on her journey to create truly refined designs infused with class and sophistication. Exciting and modern. Fitting in your capsule wardrobe. Made to be worn.

We create limited-edition elegant and timeless designs with an avant-garde twist, and with modern women in mind. You can choose from a range of versatile pieces across entire collections to create a custom co-ordinated look that is guaranteed to make an entrance anywhere you go.

Minimum effort, maximum effect.

Our Story

Brought up in the family of a seamstress and being exposed first-hand to the craftsmanship involved in dressmaking, Tia was fascinated by fashion and design from a young age and began forging her own style. She found that the kind of refined and avant-garde, yet versatile pieces that she envisioned were only available from the biggest fashion houses with their often-shocking price tags. This inspired her to start working with her mother on designing and sewing her own outfits.

With time, she came to the realisation that lots of other women were facing similar concerns which led to her commitment to share her take on fashion with the world. This ultimately brought to you Tia's limited-edition designs that are of outstanding quality, timeless but still modern, comfortable, yet elegant, and giving you the freedom to express your own style.

Tia Dorraine’s London base includes a design & photo studio, warehouse base, and office. The company’s manufacturing operations are located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, where we recently also opened our first showroom store featuring its own design studio to work in collaboration with the London Headquarters. Expect more retail centres worldwide in the next few years.

Tia is preparing the release of our sixth campaign in September 2021 that will further expand our range of styles and aims to reach even more women across the world.

“I created this brand for women like me who struggle to find the perfect outfits which align with their personal style. I wanted to give them the freedom to customise and expand the full potential of each piece in a way, unique to themselves. I want women to be free to let their imaginations run wild and create outfits that express their uniqueness."


Every outfit's creation process begins with the idea that women are diverse but all beautiful and we want to help them enhance their strengths and give them room to be creative. We know conventional sizing does not fit all and most certainly does not flatter all shapes.

Many of our outfits are composed of two or three pieces and all products in a collection are of complementary style and materials. We make sure each design is timeless and elegant, so women can wear the outfits we have put together, create various other matching sets or easily pair it with something they already own.

Our outfits are crafted to be figure-framing and to emphasize the feminine silhouette. It is important to us that our customers feel empowered and feminine whilst wearing our garments. We are committed to staying true to our brand's identity which drives us to create clothes that you wear.


Every person and every business in every industry should do everything within their power to minimise and counter any negative effects that human activity causes to nature.

We do just that. Basics like reducing, reusing and recycling are the norm for us. There is zero plastic in our packaging and a minimal amount in the whole of our operations.

We are on the constant lookout for new, innovative and more sustainable materials. We currently use a mixture of different fabrics – from organic cotton and linen to recycled and recyclable synthetics.

We believe that the true sustainability of a piece of clothing is ultimately determined by its wearability and durability – the two things on which we heavily rely when constructing our designs.

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