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London based luxury ready-to-wear label Tia Dorraine aims at making women feel sophisticated, feminine and unique. The brand focuses on impeccably tailored two and three-piece outfits that are versatile and showcase the female form at its most alluring.

The collection was conceived by creative director and founder, Tia, on her journey to create work-to-weekend outfits that are exciting and modern. She believes strongly in figure-framing fit that leaves a lasting impression and could be styled differently every time it is worn.

Brought up in a family of a seamstress, Tia was fascinated by fashion and design from a young age. Watching her mother create garment after garment, she started developing her creativity and forming her own style. That is why she could not just follow mainstream fashion. She struggled to find the kind of refined and avant-garde outfits that she craved except in the biggest designer ateliers. This inspired her to start working with her mother on designing, cutting and sewing her own outfits.

Eventually she realised that lots of other women were facing similar concerns  which led to her commitment to share her take on fashion with the world. This ultimately brought to you Tia's limited edition pieces of clothing that are of designer quality, timeless but still modern, comfortable yet elegant and giving you the freedom to express your personal style.


Every outfit's creation process begins with the idea that women are diverse but all beautiful and we want to help them enhance their strengths and give them room to be creative. We know conventional sizing does not fit all and most certainly does not flatter all shapes. This is precisely why all our outfits are composed of two or three pieces and all products in a collection are of complementary style and materials. We make sure each item is timeless and elegant, so women can wear the outfits we have put together, create various other matching sets with our Look Builder or pair it with something they already own.

Our outfits are crafted to be figure-framing and to emphasize the feminine silhouette. It is important to us that our customers feel empowered and feminine whilst wearing our garments. Taking the time to drape on real women to ensure the capture of form and movement of the body is a process that allows us to see the change of fit on different body types and adjust accordingly.

We believe in well thought out design, skilled craftsmanship and quality fabrics. The entire collection is designed in London to ensure all these processes run smoothly and are managed effectively.